Andrew Nickolaou is a Family Certified
Mediator Handling Divorce, Marital and Family Law Mediations Throughout Florida

(Orlando, FL) March 23, 2020. Orlando Mediation Team is pleased to announce that Andrew Nickolaou has been certified by the Supreme Court of Florida as a family mediator. Whether you are involved in a divorce, a child custody dispute or any other family law matter, mediation provides you with an alternative to litigating a case in court.

People in a mediation meeting

We Understand
the Stress That Parents and Children are Under

At Orlando Mediation Team, we pride ourselves in helping our individuals and families reach negotiated solutions that can help restore order to their families. As the coronavirus crisis has upended all of our lives, we truly understand the stress that parents and children are under. Though we have modified our approach to mediations to abide by social distancing and other guidelines established by the CDC and other federal and state authorities, we are committed to providing our clients with exceptional mediation services in the weeks ahead.

Available for Conferences and Mediations Through Teleconferencing or Online

In his role as a family law mediator, Andrew Nickolaou is available for conferences and mediations through teleconferencing or online. We are encouraging all families to find creative solutions to their struggles during these trying times. In sum, mediation not only provides you with an opportunity to resolve your issues amicably, this form of alternative dispute resolution can also help you stay safe as we battle the Covid-19 pandemic. To learn more about mediation services provided by Orlando Mediation Team, please reach out to our office today.

About the Firm

With over two decades of combined experience as family law attorneys, helping couples resolve their most pressing and personal issues, husband and wife team Ophelia Bernal-Mora and Andrew Nickolaou are one of the leading family law firms in Central Florida. They have a proven history of achieving positive results inside and outside of the courtroom, which Andrew Nickolaou will not hesitate to bring as your Mediator with the Orlando Mediation Team. To schedule your mediation, please contact Orlando Mediation Team today.

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